Send Mother’s Day Charity Video eCard by Email or WhatsApp

Mother’s Day 2023 is on the 19th of March . Send a Hope Spring charity eCard or a video eCard to your mum.  Schedule a card for delivery instantly or at a later date. Choose the best eCard for your mother, personalise it with Mother’s day greetings and send it by email or as a WhatsApp eCard.  You may choose to personalise and send a Mother’s Day video eCard or a regular mother’s day card.   

Whichever option you choose, your mother will be delighted to receive a thoughtful card that supports a water poverty alleviation project. 


Mothers Day
Mothers day Video
Poetic Mothers Day eCard

Hap-bee mother’s day eCard

Happy mother’s day have a purrfect day eCard

who is a mother eCard

Happy mother’s day abstract eCard

Happy mother’s day black woman in colourful hat

Stylish Happy Mother’s Day eCard for Charity

Mother’s Day Video eCards

Mother’s Day eCard : Video or Static, WhatsApp or Email

One of our most popular mother’s day greetings sent on our platform is this mother’s day video ecard.  Why not send this popular video ecard to your mum on this mother’s day?  If you think your mother will not like a video ecard, how about this gorgeous cat mother’s day card?

 Whichever ecard you choose, you can personalise it with greetings to your mother, make a donation to Hope Spring eCards and send!  The card will be like two separate presents for your mother. Shte first being the lovely ecard you sent her, the second is the donation you make to a water poverty alleviation charity.   Why not browse and select the perfect ecard to send you mum today.

Personalise the ecard with your own words, make a donation to Hope Spring water charity and your ecard will be delivered instantly. You will receive a copy of the ecard, the recipient will know that your ecard is not from a commercial card company, but a charity ecard. If you prefer to have no pre-written word on your card at all, you should consider choosing a card from our blank ecard range. Finally mark June out on your calendar as that is Father’s Day. You may also schedule a father’s day ecard up to three months ahead.