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Venture Canoes

Canoes from Venture

Venture Canoes have 5 key models the Hunter, prospector 15, Prospector 16, Ranger 14 & Ranger 16. They are a British company who strive to produce good quality canoes that are very durable and lightweight. The plastic in which they make these canoes is called corelite – which produces what are possibly the lightest rotomoulded polyethylene canoes in the world! It also offers great rigidity which assists the performance of the canoe, internal buoyancy which assists self rescue by making the canoe float higher and also fantastic durability thanks to a design which wont allow the internals of the plastic to take on water – increasing the lifespan and being easy to repair.

The Prospectors are based around the age old design of … yes you guessed it the Prospector! It is a design which is hard to beat in terms of all round performance, it allows the paddler(s) to efficiently paddle long distances with a substantial load as well as being one of the better all round canoes for some fairly meaty whitewater.

The Rangers are a confidence inspiring design with a fairly flat hull which offers solid stability. The 14 is compact and easy to paddle solo or as a lightweight pair. The 16 offers extra room for kit and can take two paddlers very comfortably. They are all rounders which would handle some slight rapids should the paddler be faced with them.

The Hunter is designed for long distance touring at 17’ 6” it is stable and fast. It also carries one hefty load with over 500kg capacity! If you are looking for a comfortable 3 seater, this is a great boat for you. It may be long and designed for distance, but don’t forget that it will also be great as a family day out boat (requiring less effort for more distance)

Overall the Venture canoes brand is very strong and well respected as having some good all rounders in the fleet as well as making solid centre canoes as corelite is lightweight and strong.

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