Top Gear – Reaches parts of the world other BBC programme can’t

Top Gear is one BBC’s most successful programmes of all time. I consistently draw record crow when it is screened, even the repeats attract record audience. The success of Top Gear is not just a UK phenomenon but a world wide one. As a matter of fact, according to Guinness World Records, It’s the most widely watched factual TV programme in the world.
Top Gear success can be attribute to may factors which includes its controversial lead presenter Jeremy Clarkson, the fact that there is hardly any other TV Programmes in the word dedicated to petrol heads with the kind of budget Top Gear seem to have to play about with. The success of of the programme is making an even bigger star out of the tree presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and Captain slow, James May.

Of all the presenters Jeremy Clarkson is the most popular, his fame even extends into Iran where BBC itself is not that popular but Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson are. There was a very interesting article about how much Iranian love for Jeremy Clarkson and the show, excerpt from the article:

When Mozaffar Shafeie, an Iranian actor living in London, was in Kurdistan a few weeks ago a whisper went round the party he was attending.

“Is it him? Is he really the guy that does Top Gear?”

Soon enough a group of Kurdish teenage boys put the question directly. Shafeie, who does indeed have a close connection with the programme, replied: “Yes, I am Jeremy Clarkson.”

They looked sceptical, until he declaimed loudly, “Emshab!” – Farsi for “Tonight!”, the word with which Clarkson, the show’s outspoken and politically incorrect lead presenter, frequently opens the programme (usually followed by a long pause).

You can read the full article here:

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