Superman Goes Down A Storm

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The latest box office release, Man of Steel, has gone down a treat. Reliving the story of Clark Kent in the 21st century is something that has allowed moviemakers to show off a series of top-notch special effects. This time round, the illustrious superhero appears to be flying a lot quicker, punching a lot harder and rescuing a few more people than the last time he appeared on the big screen.

Many will be familiar with the countless remakes of Superman; none however have gone to this extent. Although the weekly episodes are not to be shunned, the latest cinema release offers a little more drama. It also tells the story of Clark as a child, who struggles to contain the secret of his whereabouts. This adds a sympathetic edge to the storyline, making us feel for this buff, tough guy who is constantly on the move, not really knowing his place or purpose in life.

It’s also been a huge success story for Henry Cavill, who plays the main man himself. After being turned down for a role as James Bond, this has to be the next best thing. Throughout his career he seems to have missed a number of opportunities due to his age. Despite this, the wait was worth it and he’s now proving to be a global success.

Man of Steel’s success can in fact be attributed to Cavill alone – a local Jersey boy who has now shot to fame. His chiselled jaw line, equally chiselled gym body and that supermodel face are all part of the film’s success. Co-actors Russell Crowe and Amy Adams only further the accomplishment of this movie. Adams plays feisty reporter Lois Lane, whilst Crowe jumps into the role of Clark’s long lost father.

This film is suited to both those who are already fans of superhero action and those who enjoy a good storyline and some striking special effects. A number of new movies released today boast the addition of three-dimensional viewing, which only furthers the movie experience.

Special effects are dramatised greatly, whilst viewers are able to feel that little bit closer to the events taking place before their eyes. Instead of viewing explosions, car chases, fights and suspense from afar, it’s almost as if you are donning the shoes of an extra – standing on the sidelines of the main set. This makes the entire film experience that little bit more special, which is why so many moviemakers are choosing to step up their game.

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