How much fun can you have with Post-its?

Interior design

Interior design

Don’t have the funds for fancy wallpaper? Post-its can help!

You may need a couple of packs and a spare hour or two, but if you’re after a feature wall which makes a great impact the humble Post-it can be of service.

If you’re not a fan of block colour then you can also draw a design on random Post-it’s to give your wall a tiled effect.

Dress yourself
In the summer of 2012, a Canadian student created her prom dress from algebra homework and Post-it notes. It took her 4 months to create and despite her peers arriving in the usual ball gown attire, she felt like the belle of the ball!

If you’re going to try this at home makes sure you check the weather forecast first – you’ll look great in the sunshine but any downpours could cause your clobber to disintegrate. Best check the wind speed too as not only will a slight breeze blow up your skirt, it may blow it off.

Original prankster

This is a student classic which has been done again and again, but it always teaches the victim to lock their door! This prank generally involves a group of students applying multiple packs of Post-it notes to completely cover their housemate’s bedroom, computer, wardrobe, curtains, etc. Similar stunts have been pulled using foil and cling-film but the Post-it is often the most popular choice. Check out the video evidence of this 7000 post-it prank in practice.

A new ‘do

Fancy a new look without the hassle of visiting the hairdressers? The characters of Green Wing were recently spotted bearing the Post-it look during episode 4 and now you can emulate it at home using your own pack of yellow (‘blonde’) notes. Fancying a slice of colour? Invest in a pack of neon notes from stationary giant, Viking Direct, which will surely add a bit of brightness to your life.


It isn’t often that CNN report on art, but they did when it was created using Post-it notes! A 19 year old student from Washington, USA created a mosaic of Ray Charles using 7 shades of Post-its over 3 months. The simple, yet effective mural was 10ft tall and has certainly set the standard if you decide to try this one on a rainy day!

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