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Yurts are a special structure; the term “yurts” actually translates as “dwelling place” and there are people in Central Asia that live in yurt abodes. A traditional yurt is circular in structure: the framework of a yurt is constructed out … Continue reading

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Shop for your next holiday online

So, you have some free time and you thought it would be nice to get away from the city crowd with your family. The problem is you want it cheap. So what do you do? Well, you could run from … Continue reading

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Fell running

What is Fell running? Fell running originated in the Lake District where certain types of mountain including mountainous landscape, off track rouged steep terrain, grassy and heathery hillsides are know as Fell. The word Fell has its origin in old … Continue reading

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Software that opens worlds to the disabled

One computer program would allow vision-impaired shoppers to point their cellphones at supermarket shelves and hear descriptions of products and prices. Another would allow a physically disabled person to guide a computer mouse using brain waves and eye movements. The two … Continue reading

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