Get Ready for Fun-Filled Entertainment in 2014

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Get Ready for Fun-Filled Entertainment in 2014

2014 is here and players at 888ladies are celebrating into the early hours! The New Year brings with it many exciting opportunities. One of the UK’s finest online bingo rooms – 888ladies – recently underwent a complete makeover, and now players can enjoy greater levels of interaction, more fun-filled entertainment and bigger jackpots than ever before. The stage has been set for a rollicking year of bingo-themed entertainment in 2014. To celebrate this milestone, 888ladies launched the Make 2014 Great campaign. This bold initiative was designed for newbies and seasoned veterans alike. Of course the goal of this campaign is to make your wishes come true, and for some lucky players that’s precisely what will happen. This promotional offer is unlike anything that has been offered before.  Lucky players will get to play free bingo for a year. The way it works is as follows: you simply upload an image of the item that will make 2014 great for you. There are lots of different options you can choose from including laptops, iPods, microwaves and so forth. In fact anything is possible provided it is valued at a maximum of £400.

Getting Started With the Make 2014 Great Promotion

The first step in the process is to register with 888ladies, and once you’re done you can head on over to their Facebook page. The Facebook campaign is truly community oriented, because prizes will be awarded based on the number of likes that are generated on individual posts. The more likes you have on your Facebook post, the more likelihood you have of being nominated for a prize. The process of selecting a winner is decided by a panel of judges. The minimum required votes to be nominated for selection are 40. Time is running out, so players are encouraged to upload images of prizes they would love to receive to Make 2014 Great

Free Play for 2014

888ladies is pulling out all the stops to make this year the best ever. The free play for 2014 promotion offers players monthly bundles or 1 big pay day. Players have the opportunity to win up to £1200 on January 31, and play bingo games for the entire year. Additionally, players can win lots of free cards to the bingo games by visiting the Free Pass Room. The cards are 100% free for all 90 ball bingo games. Jackpots are determined by players who complete 1 line, 2 lines and finally a full house. All that’s required to get started is a real-money deposit within the last 7 days. The £1200 free play for 2014 promotional offer runs until 31 January 2014. The cost of the card is £0 and the promotion is applicable to 90 ball bingo games. The jackpot payday for a full house is 12 X £100, or 1 x by £1200. And in much the same fashion as the Free Pass promo, players are required to have made at least 1 deposit to play the game.

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Superman Goes Down A Storm

box office

A number of new movies released

The latest box office release, Man of Steel, has gone down a treat. Reliving the story of Clark Kent in the 21st century is something that has allowed moviemakers to show off a series of top-notch special effects. This time round, the illustrious superhero appears to be flying a lot quicker, punching a lot harder and rescuing a few more people than the last time he appeared on the big screen.

Many will be familiar with the countless remakes of Superman; none however have gone to this extent. Although the weekly episodes are not to be shunned, the latest cinema release offers a little more drama. It also tells the story of Clark as a child, who struggles to contain the secret of his whereabouts. This adds a sympathetic edge to the storyline, making us feel for this buff, tough guy who is constantly on the move, not really knowing his place or purpose in life.

It’s also been a huge success story for Henry Cavill, who plays the main man himself. After being turned down for a role as James Bond, this has to be the next best thing. Throughout his career he seems to have missed a number of opportunities due to his age. Despite this, the wait was worth it and he’s now proving to be a global success.

Man of Steel’s success can in fact be attributed to Cavill alone – a local Jersey boy who has now shot to fame. His chiselled jaw line, equally chiselled gym body and that supermodel face are all part of the film’s success. Co-actors Russell Crowe and Amy Adams only further the accomplishment of this movie. Adams plays feisty reporter Lois Lane, whilst Crowe jumps into the role of Clark’s long lost father.

This film is suited to both those who are already fans of superhero action and those who enjoy a good storyline and some striking special effects. A number of new movies released today boast the addition of three-dimensional viewing, which only furthers the movie experience.

Special effects are dramatised greatly, whilst viewers are able to feel that little bit closer to the events taking place before their eyes. Instead of viewing explosions, car chases, fights and suspense from afar, it’s almost as if you are donning the shoes of an extra – standing on the sidelines of the main set. This makes the entire film experience that little bit more special, which is why so many moviemakers are choosing to step up their game.

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Top Gear – Reaches parts of the world other BBC programme can’t

Top Gear is one BBC’s most successful programmes of all time. I consistently draw record crow when it is screened, even the repeats attract record audience. The success of Top Gear is not just a UK phenomenon but a world wide one. As a matter of fact, according to Guinness World Records, It’s the most widely watched factual TV programme in the world.
Top Gear success can be attribute to may factors which includes its controversial lead presenter Jeremy Clarkson, the fact that there is hardly any other TV Programmes in the word dedicated to petrol heads with the kind of budget Top Gear seem to have to play about with. The success of of the programme is making an even bigger star out of the tree presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and Captain slow, James May.

Of all the presenters Jeremy Clarkson is the most popular, his fame even extends into Iran where BBC itself is not that popular but Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson are. There was a very interesting article about how much Iranian love for Jeremy Clarkson and the show, excerpt from the article:

When Mozaffar Shafeie, an Iranian actor living in London, was in Kurdistan a few weeks ago a whisper went round the party he was attending.

“Is it him? Is he really the guy that does Top Gear?”

Soon enough a group of Kurdish teenage boys put the question directly. Shafeie, who does indeed have a close connection with the programme, replied: “Yes, I am Jeremy Clarkson.”

They looked sceptical, until he declaimed loudly, “Emshab!” – Farsi for “Tonight!”, the word with which Clarkson, the show’s outspoken and politically incorrect lead presenter, frequently opens the programme (usually followed by a long pause).

You can read the full article here:

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A Possibility of an Investment in Forex Market

Forex Market

Investment in Forex Market

In order to achieve a success at Forex market, you must be aware of the rules of financial trading, as well as know who takes part in this type of trading. Also, you have to know the structure of the currency market. Any Forex player has to understand on which factors the currency rates are dependant. Now Forex investors refer to key participants of this market.

When you invest your money funds in some capital issues in hope to receive additional income, this kind of activity refers to an investment. Some experts think that Forex itself is also an investment. The market participants make money on Forex. So they reap profits from their trading activities. Usually, the aim of the market investors is to purchase corporate and government approved securities at Forex market. There is a variety of the investors on the currency market, such as investment and pension funds and insurance companies. As a rule, the potential Forex market investors diversify their assets. In this case the essence of diversification is to use the local investments on the deposits of the investors.

If a certain investment fund is a reliable one, it always has a desire to invest money funds in some socially important facilities or projects. This improves people’s life. In turn people respect such investors and trust them. The reputation of such investment funds is perfect. It’s a complicated task to decide in which sphere it’s necessary to invest money. There are numerous examples when the investors who just begin their activities on Forex market suffer substantial losses. This happens because of the number of reasons, such as the absence of experience and reputation, the desire to earn a lot of money immediately. In this situation the risk to go into bankruptcy is very high. Finally, these investors go out the market.

It should be noted that a Forex broker also refers to the investors, because he makes the investments into the trading operations of the customers at Forex market.

If you strive to become one of the investors at Forex market, your primary task is to learn the sphere, in which you want to carry out your business. Also, it’s very important to take care of your reputation. In this case your Forex online (learn more about it) investments will be successful and you will get a high return on them.

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